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Baaghi 3 Movie 2020 Review- Cast- Release date and Trailer

Baaghi 3 Movie 2020 Review- Cast- Release date and Trailer


The Ahmed khan directed film Baaghi3 is going to release in 7 March 2020 which is  Produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Fox Star Studios, it is a spiritual sequel to Baaghi (2016) and Baaghi 2 (2018). 

Baaghi3 is an official remake of Tamil movie Vettai, there are Three big stars are in the main role of Baaghi3 movie Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh and actress Shraddha Kapoor

Short Review

Baaghi3 movie the prominent role playing as a brother Ronnie and Vikram. Since adolescence, Ronnie consistently acts the hero at whatever point Vikram falls in a difficult situation. Their excursion starts when a specific turn in occasions, drives Vikram to make a trip in Syria to finish some work. 

On this excursion, Vikram gets seized by individuals who are not to be upset however as Ronnie witnesses his sibling getting beaten and abducted by ISIS, he realizes that he will take the necessary steps to annihilate anybody and anything that disrupts the general flow of Vikram's security. 

Ronnie goes out of control of annihilation to see his sibling safe once more, regardless of whether it implies that he autonomously needs to take on a whole nation. 

Tiger Shroff Ranveer                                                                
"Ronnie" Pratap Singh

Riteish Deshmukh                                                                       
Vikram Pratap Singh

Shraddha Kapoor                                                                                                       

Ankita Lokhande                                                                                
                    Seema Nandan

Jameel Khoury                                                                           
Abu Jalal, the chief of ISIS

Jaideep Ahlawat                                                                                
Abu's Henchman

Love Aaj kal 2 Upcoming movie Star Cast- Trailer

Love Aaj kal 2 Upcoming movie Trailer- Star Cast


Love Aaj kal 2 movie


Release date

14/ fab /2020

AAhu AAhu (Latest Version)

Mehrama Song

Haan me galat song

Shayad (Most romantic song ever)

Stars Cast 

Sara Ali Khan 
Image Source - Google | Image by: wikimedia

 Kartik Aaryan 

Image Source - Google | Image by: wikimedia

  Randeep Hooda

Image Source - Google | Image by: Wikimedia

Love Aaj kal 2 Crew

Film Director  Imtiaz Ali

Film Writers:   Imtiaz Ali

Producers:     Dinesh Vijan, Imtiaz Ali & Homi Adajania

Cinematographer   Anuj Rakesh Dhawan & Donald McAlpine

Composer:      John Stewart Aduri

Casting Director:    Mukesh Chhabra

Costume Designer:     Manmeet Bindra

Film Editor     Hemanti Sarkar

Film Production

Production Company: Maddock Films, Window Seat Films, Reliance

Entertainment & Jio Studios

Distribution Company: AA Films

Release Date: 14 February 2020

Shooting Location: Udaipur, Himachal Pradesh.

Shooting began: March 2019

Country: India

Language: Hindi

A Short Summery about Movie

Spreading over from 1990 to 2020, the motion picture depicts two romantic tales from broadly various periods confronting generally various deterrents. One couple fights society's limitations while the other must figure out how to offset work with affection, yet both depict a similar genuine and unfiltered sentiment of adoration.

Now full review is out here 

Love Aaj Kal is a perplexing film about befuddled individuals. Perhaps author executive Imtiaz Ali was to have the narrating mimic the feelings of his leads. Be that as it may, the outcome is an unholy wreckage. The title originates from Imtiaz's own 2009 film, which additionally includes two romantic tales across double cross zones. Be that as it may, the new film isn't a continuation or a reboot.
Imtiaz obtains the structure of the principal film to build up a similar assessment – that the principles of commitment of sentiment can change with the occasions yet the embodiment of adoration, that sentiment of association that makes life worth living, will consistently be the equivalent. By and by, we have an advanced couple, battling with the complexities of connections versus aspiration. Also, by and by, there is a more established, more astute comrade and consultant Raj, who attempts to guide the course of the stormy connection among Zoe and Veer.

The main film isn't viewed as an Imtiaz exemplary like Punch We Met or Rockstar however somethings in it were noteworthy – like that opening separation party or the expression aam aadmi, mango individuals, likewise Pritam's astounding soundtrack and the snapping science between Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. What's more, obviously, Neetu Kapoor's dazzling appearance. Love Aaj Kal squeezed the enchantment of an old-world sentiment, wherein a kid can go through days looking at the lady he adores who stands quietly in an overhang like Juliet. The primary issue with the new film is the time zones - the hole somewhere in the range of 1990 and 2020 simply isn't sufficiently tremendous. Here likewise, Raghu looks at Leena who remains in her overhang. By and by, there is parental and cultural restriction – their sentiment stirs up Udaipur. In a pleasantly done grouping, you see the tattle make strides. In any case, there is no feeling of that edgy aching that Veer and Harleen had in the principal film.

That sepia-conditioned sentiment, which gave the film its hurt, is completely absent here. In any case, what truly stumbles Love Aaj Kal is the 2020 story. Zoë's huge predicament is that she can't pick between her occasion organizer vocation and love. She's a young lady who has mapped her life out till she's 55and her feelings for Veer disturb these plans. Be that as it may, stop and think for a minute – the film never figures out how to cause this much-talked about profession ever to feel genuine. We see Zoe's furious aspiration – she unfastens her shirt for a key conference so she looks progressively alluring. There's additionally a faltering backstory about her latent forceful mother who demands that she organize vocation over adoration. Be that as it may, the contention is for the most part in Zoe's mind. She chooses not to take up an alluring employment bid and afterward continues to have an emergency about her choice.

Veer doesn't set expectations. He resembles a cordial little dog hound good to go over for her. Indeed, he's malleable to such an extent that his unpleasant stalking conduct from the get-go in their relationship just puts on a show of being blundering. Which makes me wonder if this whole two-hour, twenty-one-minute-long wrestling among adoration and profession could have quite recently been dodged with a solitary discussion. It doesn't help that Zoe's anguish happens in extravagance - these two works out of a comfortable collaborating place. She parties in costly dance club and wears slick garments. Her enduring is so shallow thus first-world that it's difficult to identify.

Imtiaz has composed Zoe as a young lady who joins weak outside with a delicate inside. She's convoluted and jumbled, in places, even unlikable. This is an extreme part, both to compose and to play, and neither Imtiaz nor Sara Ali Khan can make it land. The camera outlines Zoe in close-ups and low-points, which just underlines Sara's high pitch. Her battle to ace her demeanors appears. Kartik Aaryan playing both Veer and Raghu improves. Despite the fact that Veer is a baffling character – he's Rumi-citing romantic who is so cumbersome to start with that you wonder if there is a formative issue – Raghu is better composed.

There is a pleasant silliness about him toward the beginning – his endeavors to show love through Bollywood motions and his body-flinging breakdancing is entertaining. Arushi Sharma who plays Leena has a beautiful, stately nearness. Furthermore, Randeep Hooda valiantly attempts to hold everything together. Like Rishi Kapoor in the principal film, Randeep is generally simply portraying his own romantic tale. In any case, his skilful acting gives the film truly necessary profundity. His story, which is startling and longing, is the best piece of Affection Aaj Kal.Imtiaz is Hindi film's consecrated cleric of sentiment. With this film, he attempts to jump further and go darker. He needs to show us the depression of unadulterated desire and the vacancy of attach culture.

In one scene, an alcoholic Zoe is left by a by one a vacant road in the night. That is chilling for any young lady however the film wouldn't like to dive into how startling this really could be. Everything is purified and beautiful. So Zoe discloses to her manager Kaam howdy mera sweetheart hai however you never feel her battle. Raj is an effective businessperson yet he never appears to be excessively occupied – generally, he's simply relaxing near, prepared to recount stories when Zoe needs them.

In Affection Aaj Kal, Imitaz by and by, attempts to put forth a defense for adoration as reclamation. The world may be overflowing with grotesqueness as Zoe says, koi enchantment nahin hai yahan. Be that as it may, what will spare us, he demands, is solid human association. In one of the film's best scenes, Raj sobs at the hole between what he is and what he needed to be. Love Aaj Kal urges us to hold onto the minute and the individual who can assist us with crossing over this hole go into each Imtiaz film standing by to be lured by this contention and trusting that he will ship us to that sweet spot – you know, dil aur duniya ke beech.Sadly, Love Aaj Kal comes up short by a mile.