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Tanhaji movie Story -Cast-Budget-trailer and Review

Tanhaji movie Story -Cast-Review and Official trailer


Releasing date :10 / Jan /2020

Directed by

Om Rawan

Produced By

Ajay Devgon
Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Sanjay Paraswani
Production Controller
Vilas Salve
line producer
Vikrant Sharma

Music by

Ajay- Atu
Sandeep Shirodkar
Sachet Tandon
Parampara Thakur
Mehul Vyas


Shankara Re Shankara               Mehul Vyas

Maay Bhavani                            Sukhwinder Singh, Shreya Ghoshal
Ghamand Kar                             Sachet Tandon, Parampara Thakur
Tinak Tinak                                 Harshdeep Kaur 

 Star Cast of the film

Ajay Devgon                      Tanhaji

                    Saif Ali Khan                      Udaybhan Rathode

                    Kajol                                  Savitri bai Salusare

Writing Credit

Prakash Kapadia
(story) &
Om Raut
(story) and
Prakash Kapadia
Om Raut

Prakash Kapadia 

Chaapaak Movie Review-Cast-Trailer and Budget.

Chaapaak Movie Review-Cast-Trailer and Budget


Tanhaji first Day Collection Ajay Devgn's Tanhaji is headed toward a
strong beginning in the cinematic world, gathered Rs 15.10 crore on day 1.

Released on 3880 Screens in india

Directed by Meghna Gulzar

 Time           Release date
2 Hour         10/jan/2020


Fox Star Studios
Deepika Padukone
Govind Singh Sandhu
Meghna Gulzar
Budget of Chaapaak movie

Chhapaak is a medium spending film. The complete spending plan of the film is around Rs 50 crore (Including the creation and publicizing cost). The film is delivered by Deepika Padukone, Govind Singh Sandhu and Meghna Gulzar. 

Generation cost: Rs 40 crore 

Prints, ad and advancement cost: Rs 10 crore. 

Complete spending plan: Rs 50 crore.

Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Trailer- Star Cast- Budget and Review

Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Trailer- Star Cast- Budget and Review


Releasing date

03 /Jan /2020


 Karan Vishwanath Kashyap

Star Cast
  Akshaye Khanna                  Baba Bhandari.
  Riva Kishan                           Mandira. 
  Priyank Sharma                Pappu Mishra.
  Satish Kaushik                  Mishraji.
  Supriya Pathak                 Emarti Devi.

            Rakesh Bedi. 
Shriya Saran (special appearance in song "Naya Naya Love")


Sab kushal mangal (Title Track)

Harshit Saxena,Akshay Dhawan, Usha uthup, Bappi lahiri
Na Duniya maangi he

Bhumi trivedi , Harshit Saxena
Ishq ne mara re

Bhoomi Trivedi, Swaroop khan, Harshit Saxena
Jamana Badal gaya

Vandana Saxena, Sonu Kakkar

Full Movie Review

The story is mandira (Reeva  Kishan) of a girl, who is not getting married after all the efforts, the people of her house are trying hard to get married,there is many can be seen in bihar rural areas about pakadwa shaadi  and its such a strange practices are still prevalent today.

 Pakadwa Vivah has just made this practice felt, however many more films have also come on this subject such as jabariya jodi.

Now it happens that the girl's family reaches Baba Bhandar in the shelter of (Akshay Khanna) Baba bhandari is a leader and a goon of karnalganj whose job is to get married,in between this time Pappu Mishra comes home. Baba's men catch Pappu when they find out, but with Mandira's cleverness, Pappu manages to escape from his clutches, but Pappu realizes that he is in love with Mandira, meanwhile, Baba is also in love with Mandira.

 What happens next will be guessed by you guys, will Pappu be able to get Mandira? and will Baba be able to marry Mandira?

In the film, newcomers Reva Kishan and Priyank Sharma and the confidants are definitely visible, but there is no special chemistry between the two. Priyank seems promising because of his looks, but the lack of enthusiasm he should show for his journalist, Pappu Mishra's character, is clearly visible. Reeva Kishan is better seen in her character Mandira, but her character has nothing to say on the issue of marriage, one of life's big decisions.

Pappu Mishra (Priyank Sharma) has not been able to appease the public so much with his acting and Mandira Ravi Kishan's daughter shows her skill in acting, Akshay Khanna is an experienced artist but in this film, the public also gets something special from her mimicry has not been affected and there is neither stability nor some specialness in the script, overall it can be said that the storyline is also weak in the film, so it can be good options for watching the film. The ratings is 2.5/5

Pati patni or woh 2019 review-Cast-Ratings and Trailer

Pati patni or woh 2019 review-Cast-Ratings and Trailer

Image Source - Google | Image by : amarujala

Releasing date 
06/ December/2019


Mudassar Aziz


Bhushan Kumar, Juno Chopra

Short Story

Abhinav/Chintu Tyagi (Played By Kartik Aaryan) is a respectful child and according to his folks' desires, he finishes structural designing, finds an administration line of work in the PWD and gets hitched with Vedika (Played By Bhumi Pednekar) in an orchestrated marriage. In any case, he becomes hopelessly enamored with maturing business person Tapasya Singh (Played By Ananya Panday) in the wake of meeting her in his office. What occurs next is satire of mistakes, which is a chuckle revolt.

Image Source - Google | Image by : amarujala

Star Cast

Kartik Aaryan                          Abhinav "Chintu" Tyagi
Bhumi Pednekar                      Vedika Tyagi (née Tripathi)
Ananya Panday                        Tapasya Singh
Aparshakti Khurana                Fahim Rizvi
Manu Rishi Chadha                 Mukhtar Singh
Rajesh Sharma                         Prem Tripathi
K. K. Raina                              Arvind Tyagi
Navni Parihar                           Kusum Tyagi
Neeraj Sood                              Brijesh Kumar Pandey
Geeta Agarwal Sharma            Hemlata Tripathi
Shubham Kumar                       Rakesh Yadav
Sunny Singh                              Doga (special appearance)
Kriti Sanon                               Neha Khanna (special appearance)

Movie Budget

40.00 Crores  30 Cr  Production Cost+ 10 Cr Prints & Publicity
2500+ Screens Indian Theaters
Collection (In India)
84.56 Crore approx..  [Till 26th December, 2019]
Collection (In World Wide)
112.85 Crore approx..  [Till 26th December, 2019]
Collection (In Overseas)
12.20 Crore approx.    [Till 19th December, 2019]
Hit / Flop


Full Movie Review

Any film that is titled Pati Patni aur Woh is essentially divulging the unadulterated truth. What amount of subtlety would you be able to anticipate from a satire about a hitched man who's carrying on an undertaking despite his significant other's good faith?

Kartik Aaryan is Chintu Tyagi, a PWD official in Kanpur, who falls for a lovely little youngster and lies about his better half to draw near to her. In the first movie of a similar name, coordinated by BR Chopra in 1978, Sanjeev Kumar played a man who starts an undertaking with his secretary in the wake of winning her compassion when he composes an anecdote about his better half having terminal malignant growth.

Image Source - Google | Image by: amarujala

That film took the position that men can't avoid being men; that monogamy simply isn't in their DNA. So significantly after the legend is stood up to by the two ladies, and guarantees never to stray again, that film finished with another secretary appearing and the saint feeling a crisp shiver in his crotch.

 Yet, the producers of the new film appear to perceive that they can't pull off taking a similar position today. So, repetitiveness and weariness are referred to as the explanations behind the man to stray. He's additionally not a player; for what it merits he's clumsy at the charming game, and shows up truly shamefaced when he's busted. Be that as it may, the most critical update in the revamp is giving the female characters more organization, never depicting them as 'lachaar' or 'bechari'.

Shipping the story from huge metros to the Lucknow-Kanpur belt in Uttar Pradesh offers essayist executive Mudassar Aziz a chance to carry surface and nearby flavour to the exchanges and the silliness, while likewise alluding to the sexual unrest occurring in community India.
The film's best acknowledged character is the 'patni', Vedika, a section than benefits significantly from Bhumi Pednekar's vivacious presentation. At her absolute first gathering with him, before they're hitched, Vedika talks truly to Chintu about her ex, about sex, and the way that she's 'settling' in consenting to wed him.

At the point when she moves from Lucknow to Kanpur after marriage, she's an accomplice to her better half in the genuine feeling of the word. She takes a showing employment, and urges him to point higher so they can move to a major city. Bhumi contributes Vedika with a lady of-the-world realness and insight. Refreshingly, there's no yelling acting when she learns of her significant other's unfaithfulness, or in any event, when she defies him.

Ananya Pandey does equity to the job of Tapasya, the large city young lady who gets the legend's extravagant. She's credulous and honest without being ditzy, and the movie producers give her character the regard of having a calling and aspiration.

In the saint's part, Kartik Aaryan wearing a thick mustache and Everyman clothing, mixes into the community environment. Harassed by his controlling dad who settled on each significant life choice for him, Chintu has developed into your exemplary Regular person. Kartik fills the role earnestly and opposes any impulse to showboat. Chintu is so vanilla, you need to think about what it is that draws in these ladies to him.

One of the film's triumphant exhibitions originates from Aparshakti Khurrana in the job of Chintu's closest companion Faheem Rizvi. The on-screen character is in dynamite structure, and the shameless discoursed move off his tongue as though he thought of them at the time. A word additionally for Shubham Kumar who is snapping in the job of Vedika's understudy and admirer Rakesh Yadav.

Pati Patni aur Woh is excessively slight and too short-sighted to even think about making any profound perceptions about marriage or friendship. Truth be told it uncovers antiquated ideas of what really establishes treachery. But at the same time the facts confirm that the film shines with humour and keenly coordinated discourse. A large portion of the climaxes are entertaining, and not at all like different movies of this classification the jokes aren't only your standard visual stifles of the duping spouse over and over verging on being gotten. Those stifles are there as well, however the sharp lines and spunky exhibitions habitually hoist even normal scenes.

I'm going with three out of five for Pati Patni aur Woh.In an indirect, over-short-sighted way, the movie is really dynamic. Much obliged to you for little leniencies. Bounty snickers are ensured.

Thank you for Reading.

Dabang 3 Movie Review- Cast-Budget-Trailer

Dabang 3 Movie First look in Dabang Style

   Image Source - Google | Image by : wikipedia

Releasing Date 

20 December 2019

Short Story Review

1. This film gives you a Real time experience. Even if you see this film in 2D, 3D feeling will come. During the film, you may even see some people dancing off the screen. Here we are talking about the fans dancing near the screen.

2. Talking about acting, Salman's acting is absolutely murderous. Such a murderer that facial expression, emotion, romance, comedy kills everyone.

3. Salman has tried his best to do comedy in the film. He should be praised for his efforts as his efforts were largely successful and the entire film became a joke.

4. Mahesh Manjrekar's daughter Sai Manjrekar in Dabangg 3, as long as she appeared in a Protest, would have earned more name from the film.

5. After seeing the romance of Pandey Salman in the film with Rajko, Sonakshi, you may send your girlfriend out at the interval.

6. Talking about music, Sajid-Wajid has given amazing music. Every song has amazing effects. The rest of the music composers of the film industry should also learn such effects. Whenever the song comes in the middle of the film, whistles are automatically heard in between and they are also full 3D live experience. There are so many songs in the film that sometimes it seems, are there songs in the middle of the film or is there a film between songs?

7. The special thing about the film is its uniqueness. This film will never let you stabilize. Your emotions will change moment by moment while watching the film. Like, the first half you will find boring but as soon as you see the second half, the first half will start entertaining you.

8. After watching the film, the fan of Bhai's staunch fan will also be disappointed with Bhai just as Bhai himself has been with his two brothers.

9. Talking of stunts in the film, the stunts are quite amazing. You will not feel that you are watching a stunt on the screen. All the stunts in your neighborhood will repeat sitting on the seat.

10. In the film, Villain-made Sudeep Kichha is absolutely the topper in acting but from below. In the film, Kicha is becoming as fit as Sonu Sood, instead of Rishabh Pant in the Indian team instead of Dhoni!

11. Dabangg-3 is a special film in itself. Everything in this film is special. So special that you can tell even without watching, the film will earn more than 200 crores.


Salman Khan

Inspector Chulbul Pandey
Balli Singh
Sonakshi Sinha
Rajjo Pandey
Saiee Manjrekar
Arbaaz Khan
Makhanchand 'Makkhi' Prajapati Pandey

Dimple Kapadia
Naini P. Pandey

Mahesh Manjrekar
Nawab Shah
Medha Manjrekar
Kushi's Aunt

Prabhu Deva
Special Appearance in the song 'Munna Badnaam'

Warina Hussain
Dancer in the song 'Munna Badnaam'

Dolly Bindra
Chinti Walia

Abhilash Chaudhary
Ujjwal Rathore

Bharat Dabholkar
Police Officer

Paresh Ganatra

Javed Rizvi Jarehavi

Rajiv Kachroo

Pratima Kazmi

Ashwami Manjrekar
Young Rajjo

Sumeet Pathak
Police Officer

Deep Raj Rana

Sharat Saxena
SP Satyendra

Hema Sharma

Rajesh Sharma

Ajit Shidhaye
Bali's Goon