Thappad movie 2020 trailer | Review| Star Cast | Budget and Story

Thappad movie 2020 trailer|Review|Star Cast|Budget and Story


In 'Thappad', coordinated by Anubhav Sinha, Taapsee plays an informed, upper-working class lady who is compelled to consider her relationship in the wake of being slapped by her who is compelled to assess her relationship in the wake of being slapped by her significant other.

Release Date
28 February, 2020

Just one slap…. But you cannot hit me,” says Taapsee Pannu in her new movie Thappad. A trailer with a thousand emotions, here’s what we feel about it! The trailer for Taapsee Pannu and Anubhav Sinha’s new movie Thappad was released earlier on Friday. After watching the trailer, I felt like the things we often brush under the rug by talking about it nonchalantly can be the trigger to start domestic violence. Yesterday, the poster for the movie came out and you can Taapsee’s face looking like that of someone being slapped. I was curious what a Bollywood movie with a name like this could mean. However, after watching the trailer, I realised just how powerful it was. The movie is about a happily married couple who love each other and swear that they will stay with each other forever. But something happens that pushes their boundaries so much they stand on the edge of getting divorced – A slap. At a party, the husband raises his hand on his wife after a fight. It was just a slap, but was it? The society, like always would say it’s a small matter. It was just a slap after all it could’ve been forgiven and forgotten, this happens sometimes when a person is angry and it should be forgiven. Right? That is exactly how one would talk. But ask the woman whose husband hasn’t hit her face but her self esteem. Would that husband have forgiven her if she did the same to him in public? Our society would say – look at that woman who is hitting her husband, she has humiliated him in public, she is shameless. That is what happens, what we are taught and some of us also participate in thinking these regressive thoughts. Ask yourself once if you have and its not surprising if your answer is yes because that is what our society teaches us. , about the trailer of movie #thappadtrailer  and #domesticviolenceawareness  read the full post by tapping the bio link #thappadmovie  #taapseepannu  #taapsee  @taapsee #violenceagainstwomen  #reportdomesticviolence @anubhavsinhaa @pavailgulati @geetikavidya #movies #bollywood #akshaykumar
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Anubhav Sinha

Casting Director
Nandini Shrikent
Karan Mally


Krishan Kumar

Star Cast

Taapsee Pannu 

Pavail Gulati

Ratna Pathak

Tanvi Azmi

Dia Mirza

Ram Kapoor

Kumud Mishra

Manav Kaul 

Short Review

Taapsee Pannu is leading a happy married life in the film. She has a cordial relationship with the entire family, from her husband. Then suddenly one night the husband (Pavel Gulati) slaps his wife (Taapsee Pannu). After this, the wife wants to separate from her husband, but this reason is very small in the eyes of the people, which should be ignored.

Taapsee Pannu's performance in the film is as effective as ever. His dialogue and sentiments add to the memories of his films 'Pink' and 'Mulk'. This strong side is also a downside for Taapsee that she seems to be failing to do something different from her familiarity. In the film, she plays a happy family woman as well as a strong woman. When the time comes, it alone challenges the orthodox thinking of the world. Viewers have already seen him in such characters, due to this he may be a little disappointed.

From Pavel Gulati to Ratna Pathak Shah, Manav Kaul, Dia Mirza, other actors have done justice to their characters. The strength of all the characters is reflected in its dialogue. There are many such dialogues and situations in the film which have been raised by everyday developments in the society. However, this film seems to be somewhat behind in comparison to the 'Mulk' and 'Article 15' levels of experience.

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