Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Trailer- Star Cast- Budget and Review

Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Trailer- Star Cast- Budget and Review


Releasing date

03 /Jan /2020


 Karan Vishwanath Kashyap

Star Cast
  Akshaye Khanna                  Baba Bhandari.
  Riva Kishan                           Mandira. 
  Priyank Sharma                Pappu Mishra.
  Satish Kaushik                  Mishraji.
  Supriya Pathak                 Emarti Devi.

            Rakesh Bedi. 
Shriya Saran (special appearance in song "Naya Naya Love")


Sab kushal mangal (Title Track)

Harshit Saxena,Akshay Dhawan, Usha uthup, Bappi lahiri
Na Duniya maangi he

Bhumi trivedi , Harshit Saxena
Ishq ne mara re

Bhoomi Trivedi, Swaroop khan, Harshit Saxena
Jamana Badal gaya

Vandana Saxena, Sonu Kakkar

Full Movie Review

The story is mandira (Reeva  Kishan) of a girl, who is not getting married after all the efforts, the people of her house are trying hard to get married,there is many can be seen in bihar rural areas about pakadwa shaadi  and its such a strange practices are still prevalent today.

 Pakadwa Vivah has just made this practice felt, however many more films have also come on this subject such as jabariya jodi.

Now it happens that the girl's family reaches Baba Bhandar in the shelter of (Akshay Khanna) Baba bhandari is a leader and a goon of karnalganj whose job is to get married,in between this time Pappu Mishra comes home. Baba's men catch Pappu when they find out, but with Mandira's cleverness, Pappu manages to escape from his clutches, but Pappu realizes that he is in love with Mandira, meanwhile, Baba is also in love with Mandira.

 What happens next will be guessed by you guys, will Pappu be able to get Mandira? and will Baba be able to marry Mandira?

In the film, newcomers Reva Kishan and Priyank Sharma and the confidants are definitely visible, but there is no special chemistry between the two. Priyank seems promising because of his looks, but the lack of enthusiasm he should show for his journalist, Pappu Mishra's character, is clearly visible. Reeva Kishan is better seen in her character Mandira, but her character has nothing to say on the issue of marriage, one of life's big decisions.

Pappu Mishra (Priyank Sharma) has not been able to appease the public so much with his acting and Mandira Ravi Kishan's daughter shows her skill in acting, Akshay Khanna is an experienced artist but in this film, the public also gets something special from her mimicry has not been affected and there is neither stability nor some specialness in the script, overall it can be said that the storyline is also weak in the film, so it can be good options for watching the film. The ratings is 2.5/5

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