Panga Movie 2020 trailer- Cast- Budget- critics

Panga Movie 2020 trailer- Cast- Budget- critics


Releasing date
Release date: 24 January 2020 (India)

 Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Production company
Fox Star Studios
Music director: Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy, Ram Sampath, Sanchit Balhara

Star Cast

Kangana Ranaut            Jaya Nigam

                       Jassi Gill                 Prashant Shrivastava

Richa Chadda            Meenu

         Neena Gupta        Jaya's Mother

Yagya Bhasin is working as Aditya a.k.a. Adi, Jaya and Prashant's Son

Song list
Panga - Title Track
(Harshdeep Kaur, Divya Kumar, Siddharth Mahadevan )

Dil Ne Kaha
(Asees Kaur, Shahid Mallya )
Dil Ne Kaha
(Jassie Gill, Asees Kaur  )
Sunny, Shankar Mahadevan
Bibby Song
Annu Kapoor, Sherry

Full Movie Review

PANGA is that the story of a mother who is trying to satisfy her dreams. Jaya Nigam (Kangana Ranaut) may be a supporter in kabaddi. She gradually increases and also becomes the captain of the Indian Kabaddi team. She, meanwhile, marries Prashanth (Jassi Gill) and becomes pregnant just before leaving for an enormous tournament.

 She still assures her superiors that she is going to return soon. However, her son is born premature and with a really weak system. The doctor informs that they're going to need to take tremendous care of the kid and only then his normal growth will occur. Jaya, therefore, gives up her dream. 

She works within the railway and divides her time between her work and raising her son Adi (Yagya Bhasin). 7 years passed. Jaya is finding it difficult to satisfy the responsibilities given to her. Shivaay meets Meenu (Richa Chadha), who was in Jaya's team and still plays kabaddi. One day, Adi suggests that his mother should return to kabaddi. He convinces Prashanth and therefore the two start Naga Jaya.

 Jaya is unsure because she thinks she is old and isn't fit. Prashant suggests that Jaya should pretend to form a comeback and a month later, she will claim that she has not been selected. Jaya, therefore, begins her practice. At first, it's difficult for him but soon, he gets excited about the entire process. After an extended time, she realizes that she is finally living her life. Two months pass and at some point, she tells Prashanth that she wants to continue practicing and tries to urge into the Indian team. What happens next makes the remainder of the film.

The research and concept of PAN Divya Rao is sort of good and straightforward. The story features a lot of potentials and is additionally a touch unique. we've had sports films within the past, but a movie has not been made on the return of a mother because of the lead role. Nikhil Mehrotra and Ashwini Iyer Tiwari's screenplay (Nitesh Tiwari's additional screenplay) also maintains simplicity and relativity. 

The writing is filled with entertaining moments, which maintain interest. On flip side, it could are tight, especially towards the last half. additionally, the film provides an important embellishment of DANGAL [2016]. Nikhil Mehrotra and Ashwini Iyer Tiwari's dialogues (dialogues aside from Nitesh Tiwari) are among the highpoints. Some one-liners, specifically spoken by child actors, will bring the house down.

Ashwini Iyer Tiwari's direction is sweet. it's clear that his own personal experiences also are seen within the film. Some sequences are handled very cleverly. The finale is especially great and can be greeted with claps and whistles. the sweetness of it's that you simply know what is going on to happen and as of now, you cannot help but when it comes out, you'll feel it. Also, to ascertain that Jaya is supported by her husband, her son, her mother, her bestie and even her neighbor is sort of heartwarming and can be especially loved by the feminine audience. On the flip side, apart from the top, the script predicts effects with longer lengths. Jaya's flashback doesn't really make it clear that she has achieved such heights of stardom. Also, Prashant looked sad when Jaya announced plans to form a comeback, but that didn't happen, as was later revealed. This was a touch shocking and will be overcome

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is soulful, but not memorable. 'Bibbi Song', the title track and 'Jugnu' are fine while 'Dil Ne Kiya' and 'Hehi Hai Jati' are forgettable. Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara's background score is subtle, but louder within the scene where Adi tells Prashanth that Jaya should make a comeback.

Jai I Patel's cinematography is ok in important kabaddi scenes, but in some scenes, it's quite face-to-face. Sandeep Mehar's production design is straight from life. The costumes of Rushi Sharma, Manishi Nath and Bhagyashree Rajurkar also increases the authenticity. Special mention should attend Sunita Vishwas Rao (Kabaddi Co-ordinator), Gauri Wadekar (Kabaddi Coach and Choreographer) and Abdul Salam Ansari (Kabaddi Action Director) for creating the kabaddi scenes so rich and real. Ballu Saluja's editing should are slow.

Overall, PANGA may be a progressive and poignant sports drama that works because of its plot, execution, some great moments, and in fact Kangana Ranaut's brilliant performance. 

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